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Obsolete Supercharger Replacement Services

Replacement Eaton for Whipple Kit

A damaged Whipple 1.6 Liter Lyshom Screw type Supercharger replaced with a modified Eaton Roots type M90 (1.5 Liter) to extend the life of the other Saleen supercharger kit components.

Replacement Eaton for Whipple Kit


Hi Wade.
Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I havn’t been getting my emails on my phone and am rarely on the computer anymore. I did take a picture with my phone of the dyno sheet, but it didn’t look clear. I'll try to get it scanned onto the computer for you soon. As far as testimonial goes, hopefully this will work for you... The install of the Eaton supercharger went very well. Very similar to the install of the Whipple. The only thing I have noticed is that it is sitting approximately 1/16" - 1/8" higher at the very front and is rubbing my factory hood slightly. However, it has not caused any damage to the hood, just some paint wearing off of the blower. It seems like it is only hitting under load when the motor is torquing. The numbers I've gotten from the Eaton supercharger are almost right in line with the numbers from the Whipple. I'm getting 350 rwhp and 365 rwtq on a tune at about 18* timing. The dyno sheet did show a spike in power at 5800 rpm's, and also the boost gauge jumped from 6lbs to about 10lbs at that point. I have yet to figure out if the belt is slipping, or if its just reached the capacity of the cam and valves. The power gains were smooth up to that point. Either way, the car is running great, and sounds great too. The Eaton is just as quiet at idle, but when it is under load it has a nice wine as it spools. Definitely louder than the Whipple under load. As for modifications to my car, it has a 255 pump, 42lb injectors, 90mm MAF, factory throttle body, small front mount intercooler that came with the original Saleen Series 4 kit. The gears in the car are 373's and it seems to be getting about 20-21 mpg on the highway when driving respectfully. I will get back to you asap with a copy of the dyno sheet, and pictures of the blower installed on my car.
Thanks, John


Shop Foreman Notes for:
John Mccould's Saleen Supercharger Kit

1T. This customer had a damaged 1.6 Liter Whipple Lyshom Supercharger being used on a 2003 Mustang 4.6 liter 2 Valve head V8. The Supercharger kit is a Saleen Stage 4 liquid intercooled kit.

2T. This 1.6 Liter Whipple Lyshom Supercharger head unit failed & was not repairable. Whipple no longer offers the 1.6 supercharger & Saleen is also out of stock. This meant the Saleen Stage 4 kit was not useable.

3T. With no replacement offered, we (ESM) manufactured a M90 or 1.5 Liter Eaton modified roots type supercharger to directly replace the Whipple All the same Saleen Stage 4 kit parts were used, even the belt.

4T. The supercharger is being spun to a safe RPM of 14,000, its max is over 19,000. The drive ratio is 2.74 to 1. The Eaton modified roots type rotors assembly was more effient than the the Whipple Lyshom (Screw Type rotor) Making the same HP as the 1.6 Whipple Lyshom @ 3 pounds less boost. The ESM modified supercharger case has porting plate for the inlet & oulet. The bolt on porting plates allow for whatever CNC ball milled port we want to cut.

5T. I sent the custmer a survey so we can better fit future applications. He sent back the answers & a testimonial.


On Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 9:26 PM, Wade Embree <supercharger3@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi John
1Q. Would you send 2 or 3 pictures of the supercharger installed like the Whipple pictures you sent me to look at for building your kit?
2Q. Also would write a short testimonial?

1T. Did it fit?
2T. Did you have to change anything to use the new supercharger? Please omit bypass. I will install it from now on.
3T. Did TQ & HP come reasonably close to the Whipple?

3Q. A copy of the dyno sheet from the Eaton & do you have one from the Whipple?
4Q. Is your Kit Just like the one in the pictures you sent me?
5Q. Inter-cooler?
6Q. What Mods have you done to your car?
7Q. Do you have it up on your tuner's web page?
8Q. Who does your tune, & do they have a web page?

Maintenance Manual:
1M. Your Supercharger uses 5w20 full synthetic motor oil, oil plug 3/16 Allen wrench, fill to bottom of threads, check every 6 months or 10,000 miles.
2M. Supercharger pulley 2.609" 6 rib steel pulley
3M. Supercharger size 1.5 Liter or 90 CI.
4M. Your drive ratio is 2.5, Supercharger speed in RPM @ 5500 engine speed.
2.5 x 5500 = 13,750 Supercharger RPM
5M. Rebuild parts for your supercharger are now the same as a 2000 Pontiac GTP.
6M. Never use an impact to change pulley.
7M. MAX Supercharger RPM 19,000
8M. Front nose drive nut is a vent filter plug.
Thank You Wade



Subject: Great Job!!!!

From: John Reynolds
To: Alicia Embree; supercharger3@yahoo.com

Just got back from a test drive with my "repaired" supercharger. Tell Dan it works great!!
I don't think it ever worked this well.
Thanks for saving me!!!

We always ask our customer's to include a note in the box when sending the supercharger in for service to help get the process going as soon as the blower arrives. This is a copy of John's story, in his own words.

Embree Specialty Machine
c/o Wade Embree
608 Apple Street
Pevely, MO 63070

Dear Wade,

Enclosed is the Eaton M62 third gen supercharger we discussed. The supercharger began to "rumble" during a trip to CA. I disconnected the fan belt and bypass valve and managed to drive back to AZ. I sent it to Magnuson for repair but they returned it saying the rear of the case was damaged and they didn't have any cases to replace it. I'm using it on a Triumph TR6. I've got one SU carb connected to the separate bypass valve assembly.

Once you get it apart to examine and determine my cost, you could either call me or email me to let me know. I can either give you a credit card number or send a money order.

Thanks for the help,
John Reynolds



January, 2011

Got the supercharger back last night.. Installed and running great!!
Thanks so much. You guys do amazing work!! Looks great and works great.

Sent from my iPhone

Thanks Chip! That is great to know. We are glad to be of service.

Michael Ross discusses his 2006 Ford Mustang
and it's Powerdyne BD-11R Reverse-flow Supercharger.

Michael Ross's 2006 Mustang

ESM completely rebuilt this supercharger including the replacement of the BD-11R reverse-flow centrifugal impeller. The original curved-blade impeller crashed into the housing because tension was lost on the backside of the impeller at the small soft aluminum bearing surface. The service included cleaning the gauled aluminum buildup off the housing and impeller shaft. The worn belt was replaced with a Kevlar Belt that is 40-60% stronger than an HTD belt. Bearings were upgraded to class 7 angular contact bearings to insure durability. Our ESM replacement straight-blade unidirectional centrifugal impeller is made from 7075 T65 billet aluminum and can be used to replace either reverse-flow or standard-flow Powerdyne impellers.

Michael Ross's Powerdyne installed after ESM services

Supercharger is working great so far. Nice and quiet with out that damn impeller noise. I noticed that it boosts faster than the old one in the lower RPM's but max's out about the same at 5000 rpm, don't want to risk running it higher then that as of now. Thanks again for your help.

Powerdyne BD-11RESM's replacement Powerdyne BD-11 & BD-11R Impeller

Thank you for your service to our country as a member
of the United States Armed Forces!
Thank you for your service to our country!



Athit Apichari from Bangkok, Thailand
discusses his 1996 Jaguar XJR, Inline 6 Cylinder, 4.0 Liter
and it's Eaton M90 Generation 3 Supercharger.

ESM completely rebuilt this supercharger including the rotor assembly,
along with performance coating the rotors.

Just want to let you know that I got the shipment, the supercharger is re-installed into my Jaguar XJR, and it work wonderfully. I am pleased with your workmanship and the end product. Very much appreciated your service and feel free to print this email into your website. I will be pleased to give a very positive reference to any other customer who want to send their Eaton Supercharger to you for overhaul.
Again, thank you.
Warm regards,
Bangkok, Thailand



Todd Wilson discusses his
2003 Audi A4 3.0 Quattro PES G4 Supercharger Kit
and it's Eaton M62 Generation 4 Supercharger.

ESM completely rebuilt this supercharger including the rotor assembly,
along with performance coating the rotors.

Hi Wade,
I just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with your work. Everything was perfect. I can't wait to see the results on a dyno. I also wanted to thank you for the fast the turn around time. It helped kept the down time to a minimum on my daily driver.
Thanks again,
Todd Wilson

Todd Cook discusses his Miata
and it's Eaton M45 Supercharger.

ESM completely rebuilt this supercharger.

Hi Wade,
I just thought I’d e-mail you to let you know that my rebuilt M45 is running great on the Miata. Nice and quiet, with full 6 PSI of boost. Thanks for a job well done and prompt shipping. I also appreciated you taking the time to explain what you saw and what you did on the job. I’ll be glad to spread good words about your business.
Todd Cook,
Custer, Wisconsin

David discusses his 1993 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe
and it's Eaton M90 Supercharger.

ESM rebuilt the supercharger's rotor assembly
and performance coated the rotors.

Hi Wade,
I went over to the dyno this morning for a couple of comparison pulls using the coated rotors. The results were a little better than I expected. I was very surprised to see that much of an increase just by using a set of coated rotors. Anyhow the peak rwhp increased from 339.2 to 357.5 and the peak rwtq increased from 386.9 to 396.2 with no other changes except the rotor pack. Considering how rich it was running, the gains are even more impressive.

Bill discusses his 1998 Pontiac GTP
and it's Eaton M90 Supercharger.

ESM rebuilt the supercharger's rotor assembly
and performance coated the rotors.

Hey Wade,
I meant to get back to you ...... everything looked very good when I got it back ..........car is back up and running although I have been so busy at work traveling I have not used it much ........ but I did have it on a chassis dyno to tune for new larger injectors and water injection and smaller 2.8 pulley ......... no noise :) with these new mods difficult to know if it alone gave more boost but just after install but before dyno session and 3.1 pulley it definitely made same boost with less throttle and since weather plays such a big role in max boost it make about 1.5 lbs more than norm but it was very cool that day so may be safe to say 1 lb more in reality ....... I still think most improvement other than noise is the response and boost at low rpm. Thanks for a great job if anything changes will let you know.

From: Bill
To: alicia@thehighspeedlab.com
Subject: RE: Thank you! & What GTP club would you suggest?

Hey Alicia…
I have been very busy lately so my car has been just sitting but the SC has been installed along with some other new modifications and tuned on a Dyno made over 330 wheel horsepower 2.8 pulley NO Intercooler SC is very quiet and appears I picked up a full 1 lb of boost dues to your rebuild at same SC speed, rotor coating is being subjected to a large dose of water injection with no problems so far with rotor coating coming off …….. car clubs ……. No question the big online club is http://www.clubgp.com/ all major suppliers are their and a lot participate ……….. since I am in Canada I spend more time on the Canadian version of club GP.





Greg Gordon discusses his Alfa Romeo
and it's Eaton M62 Supercharger.

Click here to see an exciting video!!!

ESM coated the rotors and rebuilt the rotor assembly. The clearance between
the coated rotors and case was set at .003 inch
for enhanced performance

From: Greg Gordon
Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 10:57 AM
To: sales@thehighspeedlab.com
Subject: Proof your coatings work on VIDEO!

Hi Wade,
Prior to a couple of upgrades, my supercharged GTV6 was regularly beaten by a local souped up Cobalt SS supercharged. As a result of you coatings and a change from an on/off water injection system to a more advaced type... Well it's just easier for you to watch the video. Here it is:

Click Here for the Video

I actually used a larger pulley to keep the same 10psi of boost. Before the coatings I was using a 2.4" pulley and I had to go back up to a 2.62" pulley. That's important to understand. I am not beating the Cobalt due to increased peak boost. I am beating it through increased supercharger efficiency and water injection control.
Bye for now.
Greg Gordon

To: Embree Machine

Your rotor coating sevice is money very well spent. With no other changes boost increased from about 10psi up to almost 12psi. More importantly that increase in boost was NOT accompanied by an increase in air temperature. In fact the supercharger dischage temps are now slightly lower! Looking at it another way, for a given boost level the power needed to drive the supercharger has been reduced and discharge air temperature has decreased.

Perhaps even better is the increase in low and mid range boost. Before your coating I had about 5 psi at 2500 rpm. Now I have 7.5 psi at 2500rpm. This clearly shows that a lot less air is slipping back from the high pressure side to the low pressure side of the blower. This flatter boost curve gives me more of what I bought a Roots blower for in the first place.
Greg Gordon,




John discusses his Pontiac Fiero, powered by a GTP engine
and it's Eaton M90 Supercharger.

ESM ported and completely rebuilt this supercharger including
the rotor assembly, along with performance coating the rotors.

From: John
To: alicia@thehighspeedlab.com
Subject: M90 Blower - John

Alicia & Wade - We got our motor together and running today. A minimal amount or tuning/road testing went well. The blower sounds very good - nice and smooth, quiet ... with no grumbling or grinding. The motor sure did seem to be ultra responsive at just a hint of throttle - impressive! Seat of pants felt pretty good! I will not be able to do dyno tuning for a couple of weeks - that is when we will get measured results. I am very optimistic! I will let you know how things go.



Matt discusses his Lightning Pickup Truck
and it's Whipple Supercharger.

ESM provided our custom Rescue and Repair services along with
a complete rebuild for this severely damaged supercharger.

Still been testing it out. It is doing great. I'm running the same pulley and it is making 17 lbs. of boost in the heat. That is peak at 5,800 rpm. On the dyno I saw 465 to the ground it will be at the 500 mark with some cool weather. Thanks again for the great work. I will keep you posted.



Richard discusses his 1998 Mazda Miata and it's
Eaton Gen3 M45 Supercharger from Jackson Racing.

ESM ported and performance coated the case in this supercharger.

Phone message:

Hey Wade,
This is Rich. Got the blower on the car and got it idling pretty well. I took it out for a test drive last night. Like I told you before the way it was set up I think I was seeing just about 8 lbs. of boost or maybe just a hair underneath 8 lbs. of boost. Since last night, I haven’t checked my data log yet on my computer in the car but, my water injection is variable and adjustable and I set the max flow to 10psi. There is a little light that comes on when the pump reaches maximum flow. I didn't even floor it all the way. I was in high gear on the highway and I just stomped on it, I guess around 4000 rpm and it started to pick up some steam and that little light went on. That means maximum flow was achieved at 10 psi where the throttle was set. The controller is connected to my MAP sensor, which is connected to the piggyback computer so my piggyback is reading the same voltage as the water injection box. So I am assuming that it hit 10 lbs. of boost last night. It may have hit more. I don't know because the box was set at full power to 10 lbs. so I don’t know, it may even be more. I’m pretty psyched about it, like you said I might see as much as 2 lbs. And as I see it right now, I got my 2 lbs. of boost. I don't know if I got any more because I have to check my data log. And I didn't go for full steam pedal to the metal around here. The boost definitely comes on sooner and it comes on harder. Even at part throttle it definitely gets up and goes better. I ported the dummy throttle body that attaches to the factory intake to help flow transition a little bit. And I ported the inlet elbow that attaches to my mass air sensor. I was hoping that would help things a little more. I am pretty sure I got my 2 pounds of boost, so I just wanted to let you know if in the future if you ever do any more M45’s with whatever porting and coating you did I saw 2 lbs. as far as I am concerned. So anyway, just thought I’d give you a heads up.
Thanks a lot!


From: Rich

To: sales@thehighspeedlab.com
Subject: customer satisfaction info

Hey Wade, this is Rich with the 96 Miata with the M45 supercharger. With no other changes save for the blower work, I noticed an immediate and significant performance improvement. The boost came on sooner and harder than before, and I saw nearly a 2 psi increase in boost pressure according to my datalogs. I am very satisfied with your work product and honesty and promptness in service. I would be happy to do business with you again, as well as refer others to your website.




Martin discusses his Ford SB 347 Stroker with GT40 heads, wild cam, headers
and it's Powerdyne BD11 Supercharger.

ESM provided Rescue and Repair Services for this damaged supercharger.

From: Martin
I got the repaired BD11 reinstalled on my Ford SB 347 Stroker with GT40 heads, wild cam & headers. The rebuilt Powerdyne BD11 put out 9 psi with a 9-psi pulley. The performance is SICK!!! Glad I sent it to you. I will always write up a testimonial for good service.
Thanks again,



Thank you for your service to our country as a member
of the United States Armed Forces!
Thank you for your service to our country!



Companies other than The High Speed Lab and Embree Specialty Machine are only discussed to assist consumers in identifying the vehicle application they are working with. This information is provided in order to help vehicle owners and repair shops to determine what related products and services we offer. We are not directly affiliated with any of the OEM automotive manufacturers or aftermarket product manufacturers we might mention anywhere on this website. We rebuild superchargers; Eaton Roots-type Superchargers, Kenne Bell Screw-type Superchargers, Whipple Screw-type Superchargers, Powerdyne Centrifugal Superchargers and other compressors.

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